Learn How My Clients are 3-4xing Their Recruiting Numbers and DOUBLING Their Income

The Recruiting and Leadership Strategies That Are Working!

When being told "Just Keep Showing Up" just isn't cutting it anymore!

Calling all network marketers who are sick and tired of taking one step forward, two steps back. All of those that are out there hustling and DOING THE WORK but it's just not paying off the way you expected.

I spent the first several years telling people to just "keep showing up," before I realized there was more to it than that. I realized that some people have developed a few skills along the way that have helped them to move forward faster. And so I've started teaching those skills, specifically leadership and marketing, in my small groups.

Inside these small groups I've seen the highest success rate I've ever seen in any other group, so I decided this was information I could no longer keep hidden.

For the first time, I'm laying it all out in a 4 Day Crash Course so that ANYONE, at ANY level can get the systems and strategies that are killing it for my small group clients!

Whether you're someone considering joining my small groups, or someone who just wants to take things to the next level on your own, this 4 Day Crash Course will deliver more value than any other four days of training you've been a part of.

This training will teach you the leadership and marketing systems I've taught my 1:1 clients that helped them to go Top 10 and even build million dollar businesses. And yes, they are the same strategies I've used in my own business to build a million dollar/year business.

These lessons are not for everyone, but they are for the person who is ready to LEARN and IMPLEMENT things that will get you MASSIVE results in LESS time by working smarter instead of harder!!!

If your desire is to work 60 hours per week and burn yourself out, this is not the right training. But if you want to work 4-6 hours per day, while ALSO increasing your sales, recruits, income, and IMPACT, this is the training that will set you up for it!

I always joke that these strategies are how you build a Melissa McAllister business. Melissa is a good friend of mine and ranks top 10 in her company year after year while living 50% of her time in Mexico. Why??? Because Chalene taught her many of these systems a long time ago. She was smart enough to implement them and evolve with them over time.

If you want that Melissa life, you have to be willing to learn the RIGHT lessons.

This Challenge is for you IF: 

  • If you KNOW you're showing up but things just aren't clicking
  • You watch top people in your company and KNOW there's something more that isn't being told
  • You are willing and able to receive new systems and strategies that will change your life and business forever
  • If you are ready for a TRANSFORMATION on the inside AND outside

The 4 Day Crash Course is a totally new mindset in team growth - a simple method to finally take action and get massive results.


Discover How He Has Helped Thousands of Leaders and

Teams Get Time and Financial Freedom!

Ready to Take Your Business Back and Grow Your Business For Good?

I've Got Your Back!

My name is Josh Coats, and I'm a #1 Best Selling Author, Top 50 Podcast host, and Master Coach.

My recruiting strategies have been recognized and trusted by the top performers in the industry. I've helped my 1:1 clients to recruit up to 40 clients per month and have helped clients in multipole companies to go Top 10.

My trainings will light a fire in your soul AND give you specific actions to take. They will encourage, challenge, and support you so that you never have a reason or excuse to fail again!

 Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today!

Day 1: Leadership Systems

You've tried to motivate your team over and over and over but it just feels like you are DRAGGING people along, right?? Learn the leadership systems that will save you time and energy and get MORE people on board!!!

Day 2: Marketing Strategies

But how do you find new people?? There's got to be a better way than spending all day and night on IG searching the hash tags and talking to people about their dogs. I'll teach you how to drive traffic that comes TO YOU and is ready to learn and buy!

Day 3: How to Self Coach

If you struggle with limiting beliefs, it's time to learn WHY and HOW to crush them!! I'll be joined by fellow life coach Marc to walk you through how to coach yourself AND your team to get massive breakthroughs in your mindset!

Day 4: Guest Speakers

Learn from a few of my top clients who were stuck for years before learning these strategies. They'll tell you how they've worked for them and what they are doing to continue to succeed year after year.

 What's this worth to YOUR business?

Here's What Some Of Our Graduates Have To Say...

Andy Griffith

Chantelle Turner

Adam Taylor

Add An "Implementation Call" To Your Order For Only $49:

Get a 1:1 coaching session with a certified VIP Code coach. 

We'll take a deep dive into your current:

  • Content 
  • ​Messageing 
  • ​Marketing Stack
  • Advertising Strategy
  • ​Sales Process
  • ​& Goals

Receive expert insight into your business and a road map to increase your Impact, Authority, and Profit.

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Growth in Teams!

Getting the Teams Excited about Audience Growth...

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Team Taking Ownership to Increase Growth...

I Want The Latest in Marketing and Leadership!

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